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The Fleet Ground Forces are the marine arm of the Sultan's Navy, responsible for the protection of vessels and installations of the very same, at home and abroad. For that purpose, the Fleet Ground operate from amphibious warfare vessels.

For equipment, the Fleet Ground Forces share much of their equipment with the Army, especially their small arms.


In the beginning, the Fleet Ground Forces, were a mercenary force,

Organizations in 2018

Fleet Ground Brigade


Usually, the Fleet Ground Brigade is deployed on a Soraya-class Amphibious Assault Ship in the Landing Support Configuration. Fleet Ground Brigades are attached to fleets as needed.


  • Staff, partially ashore
  • Landing Force Battalion
    • Command and Control Company
    • Maintenance Company
    • Mortar Section
    • Air Defense Section (5 Quba Air Defense Complex)
    • 4 Platoons, each:
      • 5 AA-40 APCs, 40 men
    • 2 Platoons, each:
      • 5 AA-32, 40 men
    • Reconnaissance Sections 1 and 2
    • Drone Troop
    • Combat Engineer Sections 1 and 2
    • Field Medical Section
    • Logistics Platoon
  • Airmobile Battalion
    • Command and Maintenance Company
    • 20 Sections of eight men, one section per helicopter
  • Air Support Flights

Fleet Ground Battalion