Fleet Group Nazar is one of the standing formations of the Sultan's Navy, currently under command of Admiral Shirin Mawja. It came to international attention due to their operations in retaking the Khanate of Jazirat Alshahwa and during the Tsengai-Crisis.



During the Operations off Jazirat Alshahwa

During the Tsengai-Crisis

Flag Squadron
RKN Nazar, Sharaf-class Guided Missile Cruiser, flag.
RKN Kyra, Kyra-class Drone Carrier.
RKN Arados, Meninx-class Destroyer.
RKN Sinope, Meninx-class Destroyer.
Carrier Squadron
RKN Nazir, Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier, flag.
RKN Meral, Pattern M Frigate.
RKN Mounira, Pattern M Frigate.
RKN Marjane, Pattern M Frigate.
RKN Caralis, Malaca-class Destroyer.
Amphibious Squadron
RKN Ashti, Shajaea-class Light Aircraft Carrier, flag.
RKN Banu, Soraya-class Amphibious Assault Ship.
RKN Shirin, Sirin-class Amphibious Transport Dock.
RKN Leila, Pattern L Frigate.
RKN Cerne, Malaca-class Destroyer.
RKN Balsa, Malaca-class Destroyer.
Submarine Squadron
G-1125, Type 222 Nuclear Fleet Submarine.
G-960, Type 230 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
G-961, Type 230 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
G-962, Type 230 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
G-963, Type 230 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
G-964, Type 230 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
Assorted supply and support vessels.

Destroyers RKN Caralis, RKN Cerne and RKN Balsa form the 5th Destroyer Division, administrative command.

Important Personell

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