Football is one of the major sports played in the Free Lands, enjoyed by Selkie very much as a team sport in school, at university and in the competitions of the cities and towns. The latter is faciliated by the Grand Selkie League.

Largest stadium in the Free Lands is Wembury's Caid Park Stadium with a capacity of 6,000 people, the national selection is the Foireann. Chief supplier for jerseys and the likes is Bicíní Industries.


Anthem Discussion

Ever since, fans tend to sing The Call whenever the Foireann plays.

Current Situation

Mairin Leann of the Tribe of Monaghan

Mairin Leann of the Tribe of Monaghan,in jersey of FC Wembury.

Football is and remains one of the most popular sports in the Free Lands, behind whatever the Marcach are up to. Much like those, the football teams do not worry about young talent, although many of the players stay hobby players. Ever since the first international games of the Foireann, in the DuPont International Charity Cup in 2017, the popularity is only rising.


Sraith - The League

The Sraith, the League, is composed of ten teams each: Sraith-A, Sraith-B and Sraith na Searrach, the Youth League.


University Football

School Football


Selkie-Fans are mostly known as gracious and fun people. They usually don't give a damn, whether or not they win or not, main thing for them is to have fun and celebrate.

However, there is a small hooligan scene, which the Grand Selkie League and the teams condemned repeatedly.

Important players

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