Crew: 4

Length: 19.8 m

Rotor diameter: 16.4 m

Height: 5.2 m

Max. takeoff weight: 9,750 kg

Powerplant: 2x turboshafts, 1,342 kW each

Maximum speed: 264.8 km/h

Range: 584 km

Service ceiling: 5,790 m

Armament: In Army Configuration 2 machine guns

The Fuisce Utility Helicopter is the ASW, SAR and utility helicopter of the SDF. It is also used in civilian services like the Air Rescue. In the Army Configuration, it can transport up to 20 fully armed men. Slowly in the process of being phased out in favour of the SDY-Greadtóir 19 Cuaifeach Utility Helicopter.

Some were used during Operation Spartacus, by the 9th air Transport Squadron, but soon after their return replaced as well.

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