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The Furusiyya, usually translated as 'the Way of the Horselord', is the Kyrenaian Code of Honour and Chivalry, a set of virtues and skills, which a leader, from Beys to the Sultan, should strive for and live by. It has long since found its way into general society as values and images the normal, everyday man strives for in order to better oneself.

The Values

Sharaf (Honour)

Arad (Dignity)

Hikma (Wisdom)

Shaear (Poetry)

Alrimaya (Archery)

Qazahia (Swordfighting)

Qazahia, Swordfighting, is not only about the actual act of with a sword, but also about when and when not to fight.

Farusia (Horsemanship)

Alsayd (Hunt)

Balagha (Rhetoric)

Dhaka (Intelligence)

Nazar (Consideration)

Qua (Strength)


The Furusiyya began its life as a code of behaviour of wealthy land-owners amongst themselves and in their social rung, around the 7th century. It was first written down and codified by al-Hakim in 850, during his youthful years. His teachings and interpretations influence the interpretation of the Twelve Values to this day.


The Furusiyya-Frescoes

The Furusiyya-Frescoes are a group of fresoes in the many different palaces, most prominently in the Five Halls. They  

The most famous Furusiyya-Fresco is in the Palace of the Azure Hall, with the one in the Palace of the Ruby Hall being quoted quite often as well.

Songs and poems