Fynn Caillte of the Tribe of Cork, known as 'Hardhat-Finn', was an engineer, specialized in shipbuilding, which was married to Nora Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork and father of Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork. He was considered a genius engineer and earned the respect of his father-in-law, Tyran Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork.

He began working for his father at the Caillte Maritime Solutions Engineering Office of Wembury, which went defunct with his father's death in 1993 and all the designs and plans became posession of Silverport Dockyards Limited, which made extensive usage of the plans to this day (especially civilian vessels, the main occupation of the CMSEO during the Yard Crisis.

He is well remembered by SDY's employees as 'Hardhat-Finn' due to him introducing new security measures, amongst them the wearing of hardhats in the yards themselves.

He died in 1996, during the 1996 Yard Accident, as a foreign amphibious assault ship fell onto his head.

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