The Gíománra, also known as the Selkie-Yeomanry, was a local militia in The Free Lands of the Selkie,

The Gíománra was established in 1871, after the establishment of the Council Guard Regiment and the corresponding Accords, and disbanded in 1975, following the Battle of the Buabhall Inn.



1903: Council Crisis

1920: The SDF

Yard Crisis and Battle of the Buabhall Inn

In 2019, the proceedings were made into a movie with Iouna Spól of the Tribe of Fermanagh.

Relationship to the Younger Militia


Soon after the establishment in 1871, the question of how to arm and equip the Gíománra came up, which was solved by handing them surplus of the various city-forces and later of the SDF, although the Gíománra never possessed any sort of artillery or armoured vehicles, although they did have machine guns and anti-tank rifles. They were to mostly move around on their horses.

A few private owners of planes were part of the Gíománra.

Although the weaponry was held under lock and key in the local armoury,

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