Air Surveillance Radar

Crew: 4

S-band, 3D AESA Radar

10 RPM Rotation Rate

High-altitude, long-range air defense sensor

Detects fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, cruise missiles, UAVs, and tactical ballistic missiles

Coverage: Azimuth: 360°; Elevation: 20° and 40°


Detection range:

Fighter aircraft 450 km
cruise missile 250 km
Max detection rate in altitude: 30.5 km
Instrumented range: 470 km

High mobility, transportability, and reliability

Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures (ECCM) capabilities

Tactical ballistic missile (TBM) detection capability.

One of the things, which can be mounted onto the back of trucks is the Ga Air Surveillance Radar, an all-weather, ECM-resistant mobile radar system used both by the regiments in combat and by the Air Control.

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