Gabha Blacksmiths is one of the two major arms manufacturing companies of the Free Lands, the other being Silverport Dockyards Limited. Seated in the City of Traverse on Farpoint Island, with facilities in Wadebridge and Ironcastle (where ÁTACM, Áitadagantiarann Armúrtha Carbad Monarcha, Ironcastle Armoured Vehicle Factory, is located). The company belongs to the most influential companies under the authority of the Merchant Guild of Leuda.

One of their associated traders is the Mangaire Dealership Company Limited.

Company History

Heads of the Company

18th century - Gabha Manufactories

In 1718, the company had a stall at the Spring Festival in Leuda, selling rifles and light artillery pieces. Debuting in that year were Tollpholl, or Bore Hole Guns, light and dependable artillery pieces on sale for customers, produced in the foundry in Dún. The Gabha Manufactories also had rifles on offer, as well

19th century - Gabha Gunsmiths

20th century - Gabha

21st century - Gabha Blacksmiths Limited

Important Persons


Armoured Vehicles

Unarmoured Vehicles

See Gabha Motorworks#Products.




Other Equipment

Equipment not in production anymore

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