The Gabha G-115 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (G-115 for short) is the reply of Gabha Blacksmiths Limited to a need of the SDF for an automatic grenade launcher to be mounted on vehicles or to be carried by infantry.


The G-115 is based on the older GLAM 1971, a similar design from the early 70s, which only reached prototype stage - the G-115 is much lighter then predecessor, thanks to advances in materials and new technologies. Built using mostly polymers and stainless steel, the weapon remains light, even when loaded with 40x46mm Grenades, with a belt of 30 grenades in a special drum magazine and a tripod it only weights 29 kilograms, 14 of which are because of the drum.

The tripod can be taken off, reducing the weight further to allow more people to carry the weapon system and to use it from many different mounts, from vehicles over windowsills to even a garden tables (we tested it). With the tripod, this range of possible surface to place the weapon on only increases, even in the mud, you'll still be able to use the easily maintained and reliable weapon.

Due to a new recoil management system, sustained automatic fire is possible and easier, the weapon's user comfort only further added to by a pair of spade grips on the gun's cradle on the tripod, the trigger being located on the right grip for easier fire control.

The G-115 is equipped with a 2.5X magnification sight, which can be replaced by a variety of different systems, including night vision and thermal sights. Both the sound of the weapon and the muzzle flash were reduced at the cost of the weapons range - which makes the weapon harder to detect for the enemy, thus increasing operative use. The G-115 can fire a wide variety of ammunition, from high explosive to incendiary to training rounds, to name a few, provided its 40x46 mm Grenades. Theoretically, the belt feeding the weapon can be infinitely long (or at least as long as the user has grenades and belt links), but we recommend using either 30 round drum magazines or 50 round drum magazines, which are both part of the delivery.

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