Vessels using the G-91: Rhiannon-class Light Cruiser (6, later 9 in turrets), Miodóg-class Sloop, Grey Wolf class Torpedo Boat, Trádghaoth-class Mine Warfare Vessel, Cailleach-class Light Cruiser, Hjemland-class Sailing Vessel, Maighdean-class Missile Cruiser, Mark IV, planned as secondary artillery for the Maighdean-class Cruiser Proposal.

Developed from: Rusadir Steelworks RS-10 135mm Gun. Developed into: Rusadir Steelworks RS-16 135mm DP Gun.

Mark II

Length: Barrel: 45 caliber lengths

Weight: Gun assembly: 1.8 tons, Total depending on mount type.

Caliber: 135mm

Breech: Vertical sliding wedge

Muzzle Velocity: 800 m/s

Range: around 20 km

Rate of fire: 15 shells per minute under ideal circumstances.

Shell: 25 kg

Ammunition: Training-Paint, High-Explosive, Armour Piercing, High Explosive Armour Piercing, VT-shells, Incendiary Ammunition, Star Shells.

Mark IV Turret

Calibre: 135 mm

Barrels: 2

Elevation: -5 to +50°

Traverse: ± 120°

Rate of fire: 11 rpm

Muzzle velocity: 890 km/h

Maximum Firing Range: 26km with normal ammunition, up to 150km with rocket-assisted projectiles


In Of Ships and Girls and Shipgirls, SDF-Navy Cruisers Rhiannon, Searc and Lodan Lir use these guns in the manifestation of bows and arrows, while Stilly uses them as handguns. Colour-coordinated for convinience, the fletching of those arrows indicates their use and shell-type:

  • Red and black for Bodkin Arrows, armour-piercing shells.
  • Blue for barbed broadheads, high-explosive shells, designed to rip deep and bleeding wounds.
  • Brown for Rope-Cutters.
  • Scarlet for flaming arrows, incendiary shells.
  • Yellow for sounding arrows, star shells.
  • Pink for boom-arrows, as they were called, for me VT-shells.
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