The Gabha Motorworks G 19 was a motorcycle designed and produced by Gabha Motorworks Limited from 2006 to 2010, touted as Gabha's first modern racing motorcycle and the fastest available on the market.

From its very start, the G 19 could not live up to its own hype and was plagued by problems in development, design, being a radical departure of what were sports bikes for Gabha, namely in the form of the G 10, as well as and especially in the engine, which had a whole host of reliability issues of its own. Suspension and transmission never really got to work as intended either. Three versions, G 19 A, B and C, were produced, addressing these issues, but they never really got worked out before Gabha decided to abandon the G 19 in favour of new developments.

In 2010, production of the G 19 stopped, Starting in 2013, the G 19 was replaced by the Gabha Motorworks G 20, a further development. The G 19 mostly earned its place in the hands of loving collectors and teenagers with rich parents and a knack for tinkering.



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