Class of Sniper-Cadets of the Utica Police Academy after Graduation. Their rifle, the Gabha R-15. Centre: Marla Éan of the Tribe of Cork, back then Lieutenant, and Nesrin Elba, to her right, back then Sergeant.

The rifle, we call her R-15, is a straight-pull bolt action operated weapon, with a six shot integral box magazine loaded by an en bloc clip. Theoretically, a rifleman can fire 30 to 35 shots within a minute from this weapon. The round leaves the muzzle at 630 m/s.

The weapon is 1.05 metres long, 543 millimetres of which belong to the barrel, weights 3.4 kilograms and fires 8x57mm Gabha Cartridges. Under the muzzle, a bayonet can be attached.

Mostly used by cavalrymen, outphased in the 50s and 60s, some still used by private security firms and Sharpshooters, both of the SDF-Army and of the Armies of the Five Deserts.

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