Gabha R-22

Actress Iouna Spól of the Tribe of Fermanagh with an R-22 for the movie Buabhall Ósta Troida (a.k.a. The Battle of the Buabhall Inn or Duty of the Chambermaids in English).

Weight: 9.8 kg

Length: 1,156 mm

Barrel length: 690 mm

Crew: up to 2, gunner and assistant

Cartridge: 8x57 Gabha

Action: Gas-operated, tilting bolt

Rate of fire: 500–520 rounds/min

Muzzle velocity: 780 m/s

Effective firing range: 600 m

Maximum firing range: 1,800 m

Feed system: detachable box magazine

Sights: Iron

Machine gun. Phased out in the 50s. Also used on aircraft.

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