The Gabha RI-3, also known as the Carbine, Automatic, Model 1949 or CAM 1949, was the first assault rifle adopted by the SDF-Army in 1950. It replaced the Gabha R-15 as main rifle, until it was, in turn, replaced by the Carbine, Automatic, Model 1966 starting 1970.


RI-3 Amhantar

In the 1950s, with the retirement of the Pistol, Automatic, Model 1923, the SDF-Army and the SDF-Navy lacked a submachine gun, so that Gabha developed the RI-3 Amhantar, a version including a number of small improvements and one big change: The stock became foldable, making the CAM 1949 shorter. For the International Market, the new version was marketed as the RI-3 Para, while the SDF-troopers referred to it as the Amhantar - amhantar meaning windfall, the slang-term for paratroopers.


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