Gaineamh Island is a small island of the Oileánra-Archipelago, owned and inhabited by Faye Donn of the Tribe of Wexford and her pet, Gleoite. The island is not to be confused with the Town of Gaineahm, which belongs to the Archipelago as well.

Location and Climate

Points of Interest

Faye's House

Faye's House is the only lived-in centre of human habitation on the island, actually more a small complex around a lagoon.

One of the buildings is a storage shed for the Reathaí, equipped with a winch to pull the little vessel out of the water inside of the shed along a slipway.

The most important building, however, is the house itself, built on stakes, keeping it above the water surface. One jetty connects it with the land, another reaches out to the lagoon. Built of solid timber, the roof was built of reed and solar panels, a slim walkway running around the house between walls and pillars.

There is a sparsely furnished bedroom, a kitchen, a small library, a dining area and a hallway, as well as a bathroom. An open community area with beanbags around a table, one of which belongs to Gleoite, the others carefully arranged, together with lots of trinkets from many different trips of their owner.

The Pirate's Fort - Il Castello sulla Montagna

Another point of interest is the Pirate's Fort, situated on the small mountain, roundabout halfway up. The Fort is in ruins.

In 2017, a small archaeological expedition went there from the University of Alto Mare.

Wreck of the Eangach

The fish trawler was wrecked in 1977, with all her crew surviving. A persistent story says, that Eangach was wrecked by the Gods themselves, out of ire against the fishing of the trawler, but the boat pleading to them to let her crew live, ultimately offering herself as a sacrafice - the Gods accepted and, moved by it, set her to rest in a beautiful place, Gaineamh Island.

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