Captain Galen Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath is an officer of the SDF-Navy, most well-known as Captain of the Maighdean-class Missile Cruiser SDFS Maighdean and commanding officer of the Navy's 1st Cruiser Squadron.


Galen was born in 1973 in Wembury, as son of two long-serving Naval Officers. His father, Commodore Liam Trodaí of the Tribe of Westmeath (vintage 1950), retired in 2005 as Commander, Naval Station Silverport. Galen, meanwhile, attended the Naval School as a Cadet, joined the Officer's Course in 1992, graduated from that with flying colours in 1998 as a Lieutenant. In 1997, he made a training cruise aboard the Sciath-class Corvette SDFS Ógbhean, the commanded by Captain Amy Curadh of the Tribe of Wicklow.

In 2002, when the Zampa del Lupo visited Wembury, Galen was ranked Lieutenant Commander and was first officer of the Claíohm-class Frigate SDFS Claíleath. He was amongst the officers, who pooled in money for Ruvido, the Guarding Fox Plushie of Aurora Alce. He served aboard the SDFS Claíleath until 2006 on multiple missions. During that visit, he formed a lifelong bond with the Lutetiian Officer Antonio Caccia.

In 2009, he, by now first officer of the Rhiannon-I-class Frigate SDFS Carman Fea and ranked Commander, was deployed to the Operation Glantachán in the Gainimh-Islands. From 2010 to 2012, he was the head of the Military Mission to the Gainimh-Islands, the peacekeeping force there. Early in 2012, he assumed command of the Claíleath. He commanded his ship gallantly during the Battle of Marley Bay, but she was heavily damaged and was decommissioned upon her return.

He was transferred into a shore-position yet again, to the Liaison-Group to SDY, and helped during the development of the Maighdean-class Missile Cruiser. He was promoted to Captain along with that.

In 2014, Galen was chosen as the Captain of the SDFS Maighdean, which was being built at the time, launched a year later. He commanded her during her shakedown cruises from 2016 to 2018, her commissioning, and then also took command of the newly re-formed 1st Cruiser Squadron of the SDF-Navy.

He attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival with his friend Antonio Caccia.

In 1999, he married his long-time girlfriend Celina Comrádaí of the Tribe of Westmeath, with whom he has two daughters (Asteria, 2000, and Finnya, 2005) and a son (Sirlám, 2003). The marriage broke apart in 2006 due to Galen being away from home, often on deployment, and a divorce having followed in 2008. In 2015, there were rumours of him having an affair with Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, but these weren't even commented.


Captain Trodaí is known, to his officers and men, as a harsh, no-nonsense commanding officer, onboard a ship and off-board a ship, as well as someone, who can get lost in his own brooding. It is known, however, that he relaxed slightly over the last few years and the yard-introduction of SDFS Maighdean.

Personal Relations

Children and ex-wife

Amy Curadh of the Tribe of Wicklow

Vice-Admiral Curadh had been the Captain of the Sciath-class Corvette SDFS Ógbhean during his time as an Ensign, he made a training cruise aboard her in 1997.

Celina Reathaí of the Tribe of Westmeath, Liam Fearg of the Tribe of Cavan and Gwen Misneach of the Tribe of Laois

To his fellow Captains, who command the frigates of the 1st Frigate Squadron, he has a

Kayla Urchair of the Tribe of Sligo

Galen is very well aware of Kay's crush on him and while he feels flattered, he also feels a bit uncomfortable.

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