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Gaoglann, literally Wind-Valley, is a valley in the Cloch Mountains.

The Valley is known primarily for its role in transportation: Over the many centuries and millenia of settling in the Free Lands, the Gaoglann has been a major traveling and transportation route between Riverwood and Lake Mór on one end and Forfar on the other, including being a part of the Network of Old Traveling Roads. Nowadays, a two-track railway route passes through the valley alongside the streets.

Since 1903, the SDF-Army operates a training facility in the mountains, the Gaoglann Mountain Training Range, which was under the authority of the Western Brigade.



Flora and Fauna

  • Cows, lambs




There are a total of four schools in the valley: The Gaoglann Elementary School, the Gaoglann Middle School, the Gaoglann High School and the Póratoir House Horse Veterinary Academy.


Aside from the transportation aspect, Gaoglann is also a culinary delight, cows being raised at the bottom of the valley and sheep higher up, while apple orchards were established relatively recently. Since 1633, the stud farm at Póratoir House breeds horses, with the Geal being the mainstay.