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Commander, 11th Fast Gunboat Squadron, SDFS Dúnford during the Battle of Marley, suffers from PTSD after the Charge of the Fast Attack Craft

later Commander of the Oileánra-Archipelago Constabulary



Personal Relations

Faye Donn of the Tribe of Wexford

Faye and him are old schoolmates and when he joined the SDF and she the MGoL, they lost contact - until a few months after the Battle of Marley Bay, when old feelings came back. Faye loved Gavin, but Gavin was, so soon after the loss of so many men under his command, not yet ready.

It took him several years to rediscover his friendship and finally love with Faye, the two coming together again, first for a short while in Spring 2018, then for longer in Late 2018. They are currently unsure in which direction they will take their relationship.