Doctor Gavin Taighdeoir of the Tribe of Tralee is a researcher of and teacher at the University of Launceston and a crew member of RV Caorthann.



Despite sailing on the Caorthann for a while now, he still has little idea about proper marine protocols.

Personal Relations

Amy Ramallae of the Tribe of Monaghan

Gavin is one of the professors of the model, who he holds in high regards - less due to her skills as a scientist, but due to her dedication to science and technology. He is well aware, that her aims are less in the polar regions, but more in the warmed climates of the world.

He also thinks her to be hot.

Alaina Sneachtúil of the Tribe of Wicklow, Stoth and Scátálaí

Alamea Saienitisi

Although they can speak with each other, Professor Saienitisi and Doctor Taighdeoir are connected by an unprofessional hatred for each other.

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