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The article Geography of the Arallfyd is concerned with the general layout and shape of Arallfyd, the Otherworld of Selkie-Mythology. It is worth noting, that being the Otherworld, the Arallfyd is both the Realm of the Gods and the Realm of the Dead.

While several discriptions exist, the most important (and complete) description is to be found in the Dréachthar.


Generally, the Sidhe are the entrances to the Otherworld for mortals, who are still alive. However, these gates are guarded by the Aossí, the Otherworld Folk. To move past them, one needs Silver Branches.

Famous trips in Mythology


In Selkie-Mythology, Imramma-Tales have a special role, as they describe how a Hero (or heroine) is lured into the Otherworld for the purpose of a quest by an Aossí.

The Realms of the Arallfyd

No matter which Sidhe where one takes into the Arallfyd, they all come out in the Forecourt. There, the soul is judged for its sins and good deeds. If the soul is cleared, then one comes out on Môn, the island on the Máguaird River.

Mag Mell

The Máguaird River runs through the Mag Mell.

Mag Mór

Mag Findargat

Mag Argatnél

Mag Cíuin

Mag Ablagh


The Island of Môn lays on the Máguaird River.


The Island Realm of Skayya


  • mountain range


  • mountain range


  • mountain range - Range of Chains, where sinners are punished


  • coastline


  • ocean


The Lamovidos is the No Man's Land to the East of the Mag Ablagh. It is mostly known for its wilderness, its monsters and, most importantly, for the Eternal Prison, where the ones, who break Sacred Laws are banished to. One of the punishments is to be chained to rocks, with Euraddas pecking the eyes out - at first sunlight, the eyes grow back, breakfast time beginning.

The Hosts

Many of the major deities and some of the minor ones have hosts, their own armies, usually associated with a specific realm as well. According to the Dréachthar, there are dozens of hosts, the most famous one being the Last Host of Scahach de Mag Mell.

Deities and other supernatural beings:
Scahach de Mag Mell, Abhcan, Lodan Lir, Rhiannon, Annann de Nacinnór, Suigne, Manhann, Achall, Nuadhain, Drungha, Talthiu, Cailleach,
Some of the Twelve: Gwelwanna, Dánan, Pláhain, Gwaira

Important Realms and places: Geography of the Arallfyd
Mag Mell: Áthsach Pair,
Mag Mór: Cruithaort, Halls of Heroes


Last Host, Host of a Thousand Banners, Host of the Forests, Host of the Vast Sea, Slinger's Host