The Gil is the currency of the Free Lands, a currency money with a fixed exchange rate of one Gil being fifteen NSD. Due to the Gil being currency money, the coins are made of a precious metal and not of an alloy. There is no paper money except debentures, which aren't in wide circulation.



There are mainly three types of coins and a total of 12 denominations:

  • Umha: Copper Coins.
    • Quarter-Umha:
    • Half-Umha:
    • 1 Umha:
    • 2 Umha:
    • 5 Umha:
  • Gil: Silver Coins.
    • 1 Gil: 31 grams of Silver, 15 NSD.
    • 2 Gil:
    • 5 Gil:
    • 10 Gil:

Ór-Coins, around Deirdre Ciste of the Tribe of Fermanagh. Coins and gems and jewelry were part of the Treasure of Zahra.

  • Ór: Gold Coins.
    • 1 Ór:
    • 5 Ór:
    • 10 Ór:

Commemorative Coins

Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)

One Umha is equivalent to one NSD,

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