Goedele Silex was the Captain of the Pirate Vessel Goéland from 1714 to 1726, the year of her death. Like not many other pirates of Nouvelle-Dunkerque, Silex stands for the Golden Age, not only due to the Raid on the Kyrenaian Treasure Fleet of 1720.


Silex was born on Crapaud Island, according to the baptismal register in 1685, as the daughter of a 'worker of the horizontal occupation' and an unknown man, although it is usually assumed, that it was a sailor on shore leave. She appeared on a crew list for the first time in 1692, at the tender age of seven, listed as a powder monkey aboard the pirate vessel Intrépidité. It is not unlikely, that she ran away from home.

Sometime between 1697 and 1700, Silex changed employer from the Intrépidité to the Flèche, becoming one of the boarding party and eventually, by 1703, their leader. In a boarding action in 1702, she lost her right eye, which required her to wear an eyepatch.

In 1705, she was hired as first officer aboard the Ciment, on which she served for three years, then commanded the Renard or Pirate-Admiral Clais Barbiche, who died in 1710. Silex retained command of the Renard and, in 1712, ordered the Goéland from a shipyard in Nouvelle-Dunkerque. To this day, its unknown where she got the money needed for it from.

Upon completion, she became Captain of the Pirate Vessel Goéland in 1714, aged 29 and quite experienced in all matters of piracy. In 1715, she gave herself a Coat of Arms, 

In 1720, she directed the Raid on the Kyrenaian Treasure Fleet of 1720.

She died in 1726, aged 41, on the deck of her ship, in combat against a pair of frigates. She is said to have fought like a Lioness,


Coat of Arms of Goedele Silex

Coat of Arms of Goedele Silex, seen on her flag.

Silex was known as a merciless woman to her enemies, of which there were enough - however, if one surrendered, one could rely on being protected by the Code while aboard her ship.

Personal Relations

Davie Quille

Silex and her First Officer are said to have shared a romantic relationship,

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