The Grenade Launcher, Infantry, Model 2005 (GLIM 2005) is a heavy infantry weapon of Gabha Blacksmiths, used by the SDF and several law enforcement special forces of the Free Lands.


The GLIM 2005 is a low velocity 40mm grenade launcher capable of accepting most 40x46mm grenades into its revolver-type magazine. Reloaded by hand after swinging the steel frame away from the cylinder, the GLIM 2005 can easily be operated, even by untrained personnel.

The GLIM 2005 consists of five main assemblies: The lightweight rifled steel-barrel, sight assembly, the frame with the firing mechanism and the rear pistol grip, the revolving cylinder-magazine and the folding stock. All five assemblies can easily be taken apart and cleaned, or, if needed, exchanged due to wear, tear and damage. The GLIM 2005 is secured by a selector safety switch on the pistol grip, which can be operated from either side of the grip. It is safe enough to be dropped, which will not cause a discharge of the GLIM 2005.

The GLIM 2005 is equipped with with a collimator sight with a single post, which is also capable of aiding with the range estimation. It also has a tritium illumination for low-light operations, which has a service life of at least ten years.

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