Grey Cat with owner.

The Grey Cat, or Eireafada, is a feline endemic to the Free Lands.


The Grey Cat is a usual sight to see in basically the entire Free Lands, but mostly within cities and the Silver Mountains, either domesticated or in the wild, but always hunting for anything slower and smaller then themselves.

They are very moody in nature, with very sharp claws and the ability to see in the dark - all of that makes them deadly predators and, unless their long tails get caught in something, they will succeed. They mostly attack smaller targets, but are also sometimes known for trying larger prey, like humans, but as soon as the own height is overstepped, the Grey Cat's rate of success drops dramatically.

Their long and coiled tail is a highly sensitive organ of touch, usually dragged behind the cat. As it is very sensitive, the tail can sense movements of objects beneath the soil, like mice moving underground, working as a seismic kind of Towed Array Sonar.

As a cat, it goes without saying, that these small animals are on very silent paws and have very good abilities to scale nearly everything.

For raising them, you need a strong hand and much patience. And fish.

Also, they aren't cuddly, because their fur is very rough (which is one of the reasons, why they are mostly not hunted). Many ship owners keep these cats as ship's cats, today mostly for both ceremonial services and as mascots.



Notable Specimens

  • Mothchat, Ship's Cat of SDFS Lodan Lir in 1983, the sole survivor of the vessel's sinking.
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