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Tosaí, a Grey Wolf, left, with his master, Liam Rualacha of the Tribe of Wicklow, as well as a Gatto Notte from Lutetii, under ownership of Maria Pelle, and a Waldkatz from Teressien with her owner, Felix Kanter (from left to right).

The Grey Wolf, Lupus Canus, in Selkie Búraló Liath, is one of the better known canines of the Free Lands, and endemic there.


With its two-coloured fur (black on the upper side of the flanks and the back of the head, with a sort of crown reaching like two scissors forward without touching, as well as on tail and legs, grey on all the other parts), the Grey Wolf is well adjusted for the dense and dark woods of the Free Lands. These animals are very intelligent.

Felicia Cránna of the Tribe of Fermanagh with her young pup Sranaire, 2020.

Holders of Domesticated Grey Wolfs and everyone wanting to be should be aware, that they need to walk very much and that they change their fur with the seasons. They also need a strong hand, for many of them have quite a mischievous streak in them.

When held in the correct way, the Grey Wolf will become a loyal and good companion to the family, guarding the household and playing with the children.


The Grey Wolf, for a canine, has a rather long life-expectancy. Specimens in captivity have been observed to see 35 Springs, although with more age, the health starts to act up. Average life expectancy in the wild is estimated to be around 15 to 20 Springs.


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Sról was the first animal created for the Free Lands, together with Gwen Cathlong. That makes the Grey Wolf the first animal, too.