In the first concepts of a naval defense of the Free Lands, the SDF-Navy would lure the enemy close to shore and sink them with torpedoes, mines and by ramming, if necessary. With old police boats as the SDF-Navy's first equipment, that was not too surprising, but the SDF-Navy suspected, they would go down with their flags flying high.

In 1922, with the Naval Armament Programme, the situation changed dramatically, the first weapon becoming torpedoes and new ships being planned and laid down - one of the first ones, which were laid down, were the twelve Oceangoing Torpedo Boats of the Grey Wolf class, the first being launched in 1925.

Starting 1959, they were slowly replaced by the Nocht-class Corvettes.


The Types

Standard Group


Ice Fox Type

Tine Type



SDFS Búraló Liath (Standard Group)

SDFS Búraló Liath, also known as Lilly for her crews, was that first vessel built by Selkie for the SDF-Navy. Named after an easily recognizeable predator of the Mainland, she was held in high regard, built and used around the Mainland. Her first refit was in 1942, adding a radar amongst other things.

Most of her career was actually quite boring and she was frequently sent abroad on goodwill tours in the closer region. She attended the Coronation Fleet Review for Sultan Kian of Kyrenaia in 1939, one of the two SDF-Navy Vessels present, the other being SDFS Rhiannon.

With the development of anti-ship missiles by Lutetii and the Free Lands in the 50s, SDFS Lodan Lir carrying the first operational system in 1960, the days of torpedo boats were numbered. Lilly was refitted once more in 1953, but decomissioned in 1962.

SDFS Realincse (Standard Group)

SDFS Spardrí (Standard Group)

SDFS Fia (Standard Group)

SDFS Arracht (Archipelago-Type)

SDFS Lapa (Archipelago-Type)

SDFS Sionnach Oighir (Ice Fox Type)

In 1927, SDFS Sionnach Oighir, named after an elusive cousin of the Curly Mountain Fox endemic to the Northern Islands, was launched. She operated together with Imeall for most of her career (until the White Vixen, as she was called, was decomissioned in 1958), patrolling the waters of the Northern Islands for ships in need of assistance, pirate vessels and, on several occassions, as a vessel for scientific research. 

Equipped for the Cold North much like it's Queen, SDFS Sionnach Oighir did her assigned tasks with success, even sinking two enemy vessels (not necessarily warships, as they were more armed boarding steamers) during the Carraig Incident.

SDFS Raicleabán (Ice Fox Type)

SDFS Tine (Tine-Type)

In 1927, SDFS Tine, named after a specific type of badger on the Mainland, was launched. She was, from the get-go, planned not for a specific region to operate in, but as type-vessel of the Tine-Type, a group of four vessels equipped to operate anywhere in the Free Lands' Territorial Waters. That included cold-proofing, that included ventilation for tropical regions, that included a long and hard training period. Another one of the modifications included more AA-guns, in return a deviation from the mine warfare doctrine of the SDF-Navy ("Every vessel floating carries mines.").

Still, SDFS Tine saw the Archipelago rarely during her career, being mostly deployed from the Mainland to patrol the sea borders with Lutetii. There, she stopped vessels for inspections and made quite a few good catches, but nothing too large.

She was involved in the Carraig Incident with SDFS Sionnach Oighir, managing to sink one ship and to take out a few coastal artillery positions, in return for several hits.

SDFS Tine was decomissioned in 1955.

SDFS Caille (Tine-Type)

SDFS Dreapadóir (Tine-Type)

SDFS Sealsaill (Tine-Type)


Of Ships and Kanmusu

In Of Ships and Kanmusu, SDFS Tine and SDFS Sionnach Oighir make appearances.


Foxy, as she appears in Of Ships and Kanmusu.

Sionnach Oighir, Foxy for friends, is described as...
  • Shy and elusive, this oceangoing torpedo boat is a person rarely seen on base without her plushie, Clúmhach, and in battle, one will have trouble spotting her as well - mostly because she's in the process of dropping a load of mines along the enemy's retreating routes or torpedoes into their rear. She is studious, loves to read, but not exactly an Einstein. Ironically enough, she is close friends with Tine.

SDFS Tine, as she appears in Of Ships and Kanmusu.

Meanwhile, Tine is described as...
  • A girl of fire and temperament, Tine is mostly the exact opposite of Foxy, outgoing and sometimes brash in getting to know her peers and vessels definately a few times above her tonnage. She is also aggressive in battle... often dragging Foxy along with her plans, much to the latter's dismay. But, as easily as you can become Tine's friend, you can become her enemy, especially by making Foxy cry... and woe be you, if that happens.

Down the Rabbit Hole

SDFS Búraló Liath

Lilly, as she appears in Down the Rabbit Hole.

SDFS Búraló Liath, Lilly for friends, makes an appearance in Down the Rabbit Hole. She is described as...
  • Where her eleven little sisters appear to be in their early teens, Lilly is a mid-teen for a reason, as she is the, sometimes, only responsible adult around. That can be quite unnerving for her, who is a born hunter, but that was, what destiny had in store for her. However 'responsible adult' does not mean 'boring as fuck'.
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