A Guarding Fox in its basket.

The Guarding Fox, Vulpes Rossa or Caomnach, is much more of a a dog then a fox. These charming little fellows have remained the city's answer to the rural Grey Wolf.

Small, agile, loyal and fast, these red, beige and black furred little animals are the ideal guard dogs(/foxes) for both property and children, as well as a good playmate. Intelligent as they come, they tend to learn very fast, and, thanks to being cute as hell, they also quickly find their homes.

Their fur however needs to be cleaned in regular intervals, as well as brushed, and so do their teeth.

In the wild, the Guarding Fox got his name due to his tendency to guard any young, be it their own or not, without a second thought. This applies to the young of other Guarding Foxes, other animals, as well as human children.

They are however rarely seen, despite their size, for they know, that the best way to guard is to not be seen. If ever caught, they are cunning foxes, outsmarting even the most experienced hunters.

Although more from the realm of mythology, the hero Duine Glic was raised by an old Guarding Fox and human man, who taught him how to use a lance. He later became one of the mightiest heros of the Land, defeating even a god along the way, but falling to a Guarding Fox's teeth, as he threatened her young.




In the Palace of the Azure Hall, the famous fresco of the Lioness of the Azure Hall, painted between 1753 and 1755, shows a Guarding Fox amongst the Lioness' Young, as a symbol for the Selkie living in Kyrenaia, both at the time and at the present.

Notable SpecimensEdit

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