Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork is an engineer in the services of Silverport Dockyards Limited and forelady of its Yard 15, prototype development, and therefore responsible for the most of SDY's designs as of the last years. She is also employed as business emmissary of SDY. In 2016, she became Temporary CEO due to her mother's pregnancy.

Due to her own pregnancy in 2019, she stepped down from all positions on April 1st, 2019.


Gwen was born in 1989 in Silverport as the daughter of Nora Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, one of the founders and actual CEO of Silverport Dockyards. With her father dying early, she was raised by both her mother and her grandfather Tyran Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork, Master of his House. Her pet, the domesticated Grey Wolf Sról, was given to her in 2005.

She went to school, trained her dog, obtained the hobby of Horseriding (she still sometimes participates in contests as a swordrider and lancer), and made her Master of Engineering at the University of Silverport, specialized in shipbuilding, in 2013.

Gwen joined her mother's business, working her way up and becoming forelady of Yard 15, Prototype Development and Silverport Dockyard's girl for everything, including missions to foreign lands.

In 2019, she attended the commissioning ceremony of FTS Challenger, during which she became acquainted with Jan Breytenbach, the Port Embrian Minister of Defense, with whom she fell in love after a one-night-stand, which left her pregnant. She stepped down from all positions within SDY on April 1st and placed herself at free disposal of her CEO.

Together with Jan, she attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival and introduced him to her mother and her her Grandfather. The birth is due in October 2019.



In her favourite swimsuit.

Gwen is a very active young woman, both in sports and in business. While she is an inactive Marcach, having fought with sword and lance, Gwen still likes to take Sról and her horse and ride out or to go for a swim. She also likes to combine the latter activity with work, having been spotted near vessels of SDY-built when they were standing still, swimming and diving for close inspections.

When it comes to sexuality, Gwen is free and quite liberal, but by no means whoring herself out or using her body as a business advantage - people, in her opinion, should buy from SDY because SDY has the best products for their needs, not because she slept with them. Ex-boyfriends (and ex-girlfrieds) will, however, swear, that she is loyal to the core once she is in a relationship.

Gwen speaks Selkie, English, German and a bit of French. She can also play the fiddle and Sról like one.

Personal Relations


Sról is the Grey Wolf, which is nearly constantly at Gwen's side, when it is possible and sometimes, when it is not.


Fiona Banphrionsa of the Tribe of Cavan

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