Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork is the older daughter of Tyran Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork and older sister of Marla Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork. An accomplished actress and Marcach in her own right, she is known as a lover for all roles requiring mounting a horse, her most important movies being of the Marcach-Movie Genre, a sub-genre of sports films. She also loves starring in independent movies.

Her main residence is Caighdeán House in Woodtown. She owns a horse by the name of Brat, a Strainséir.


She starred in her first larger movie in 2004, with 16 Springs. She played the female lead in An Capall le Sciatháin (The Horse with Wings for the international market), in a more creative and philosophical independent movie.

In 2006, her mother died.

In 2009, Marla, Gwen's younger sister, began to star as a stunt double for Gwen, even getting small roles and cameos herself, culminating in 2017's Scriosadh na Lansaí (Lancebreaker for the international market), which starred both sisters and their father in main roles.

During the shooting for 2018's Áed's Muster, Gwen fell of her horse and broke a leg, only having a sitting role in The White Boar and Abhcan's Little Daggers, playing a young Lieutenant Filicia Oibritheoir of the Tribe of Tipperary, an aviator of the SDF-Navy - all flight scenes were actually flown by Amy Ollmhór of the Tribe of Dundalk.

For 2020, now recovered, she is to appear in Cailibo as Gwen Lách of the Tribe of Galway and in Lansaí árar Sinsear.

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Personal Relations

Her Father and her sister

Her family is very dear to Gwen,

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