Gwen Lách of the Tribe of Galway was a Selkie-Maiden and soldier during the times of The Crusade (1280-1325). She single-handedly broke the Siege of Cuan in 1300, then led the Selkie in retaking their lands from the Christian Invaders. In 1345, she became a member of the Elder Council for her Tribe, the Tribe of Galway. She died peacefully in her bed in 1350.

In 1489, she was admitted into the Halls of Heroes.



Gwen's preferred weapons were bow and arrow, although she is said to have been quite well with the lance as well.

After the raid on her home village by Christian Crusaders, Gwen developed an unfathomable, cold hate for Christians, no matter their station.

Cultural Adaptations

In 2020, Gwen Cróimiam of the Tribe of Cork played her in the movie Cailibo, released for the international market as The Cowgirl, with her sister doubling as her stunt double.

Personal Relations

Family and Children

The Lách-Family, of which Leonard Lách of the Tribe of Galway is a part of, claims direct ancestry of hers.

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