Gwen Seadadh of the Tribe of Monaghan is a student at the Naval School and member of the Naval School Sensha-Do Team as Gunner on Raicleabán-Aon. She is also known as the team's resident happy-bug.


Gwen is an orphan, gan teach na dtuismitheoirí in Selkie (translated freely 'without parental home'), born and raised in Leuda - in 2012, she made the entrance exams for the Naval School and in 2013, she joined it, despite her status. Since then, she had made a name for herself as a happy girl with good grades (though not stellar ones).

In 2016, she joined the Naval School Sensha-Do Team, out of interest - she attended the first few meetings under the self-imposed condition to leave if it wasn't fun, but soon found the fun not in the tanks or the driving of tanks, but in the friends she made. She is relatively uninterested in Tank Sport and Sensha-Do only as far as she needs to.

Upon graduation in 2022, she plans to study abroad, although she has no idea yet as to what or where.


Gwen is a happy and seemingly carefree person, but despite her innocent demeanor, she is much more thoughtful then it would appear.

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