The HMW GT-160 is the spiritual successor to the HMW GT-123 and HMW's newest luxury car, planned for release in 2020. While the GT-123, a convertible, was introduced in 2016, the GT-160 is a pure luxury grand tourer. Starting price for the standard model is estimated to be around 275,000 NSD for inland customers.

In 2019, the Fürstliche Garde announced its decision to acquire a total of six GT-160s as state limousines to replace their aging fleet.


The GT-160 is a 1.7 tons heavy, 4.8 metre long, 2.05 m wide and 1.3 metre tall luxury grand tourer with a front-engine front wheel drive layout. This layout improves the handling in low-traction conditions, although it is not ideal.

The long hood is characteristic for 


The Standard GT-160 is powered by a V12 Diesel Engine with an maximum output of 525 PS ar 6,500 rpm.

In the GT-160E, HMW is introducing an electrically driven GT-160 after tests with the GW-129E were successful.


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