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The Halls of Heroes is a hall of fame that honours laudable people and personalities of Selkie-History. While there have been projects over the past centuries to indeed build a Hall for their depiction in various places in the Free Lands, for example as statues, the Halls of Heroes is a list of notables, the Halls being established in Mag Mór, the Realm of Rhiannon within Arallfyd (the Selkie-Paganistic Otherworld).

The list is established and extended by a committee headed by the High Priest of Rhiannon, currently Coner Banaí of the Tribe of Wicklow.


People, who are on the List of the Halls of Heroes are revered amongst the Selkie as having led a Good Life, 

It is said, that the Marcach among them will form the Host of a Thousand Banners.


This first edition of the list dates back to 340, established by the successor to High King Áed the Hunter, Snechta the Singer, with the aide of the Cult of Rhiannon.


Name Biographical Data Date added Added for
Gwen Lách of the Tribe of Galway Ca. 1275-1350 1489 Her role in The Crusade.
High King Áed the Hunter 305-338 340 His role in various battles, including the Battle of Maide