Halu, from left: Aischa Azraq, Malika Shuqara and Kaya Ahmar, in stage costumes.

Halu is a Desert Rock Band composed of Aischa Azraq, Malika Shuqara and Kaya Ahmar. The band enjoys huge success in Kyrenaia, having formed in 2014 in Ibossim, after its three members finished their Service.


Aischa Azraq

Aischa is the main vocalist and guitarist,

Malika Shuqara

Malika is the band's bassit. She is in a relationship with Tarek Naqib.

Kaya Ahmar

Ahmar is the oldest of the three, and the designated Big Sister and keyboard player.


Style and Reception

Halu is usually perceived as a typical Modern Desert Rock Band, repeating musical motifs with subtle changes to create a wide array of dynamics, creating long songs usually without lyrics. The core is the repetitive buildup of timbre, dynamics and texture, lyrics often being missing. Lyrics are usually omitted, but when they are there, they are soft and in a sort-of code.

For special occasions, the band covers songs by other bands in their style, usually for fundraiser albums or concerts.



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