The Hammacker Motorenwerke, HMW for short, are a major company in Teressien, a manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, utility vehicles, planes and engines (both for ground, air and sea vehicles).

A total of around 145,000 people work for HMW and its different subsidiaries. In HMW Racing, the company operates a small racing team, mostly for promotional purposes.

Owner and CEO is Vin Erenback.



  • HMW-Flugzeugwerke: A subsidiary specialized in building planes.
  • HMW Marine Systems: Building engines for ships, though not the ships themselves.
  • HMW Racing: A racing team.

Important People


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HMW GT-123

The HMW GT-123 - right, exiting, Aaltje Schreyg, left, driving, Jette Schreyg. Aaltje's rifle is a SLK-36 Assault Rifle.

Flagship of its Grand Tourer Segment is the HMW GT-123, a convertible luxury car, while the HMW GW-129 is the leading off-roader and HMW's first car with an electrical engine in a variant. The HMW SW-119 is a classic sports car, in production since the 60s and continuously updated, while the HMW SW-151 is the leading sports car. For the economy cars segment, the HMW SA-58 is the vehicle of choice, another classic in long-time service and production, with the HMW SA-158 as the leader of the Compact Car Range. In 2020, HMW plans to release the HMW GT-160 to the public for 275,000 NSD and upwards.

Leading Motorcycle is the HMW KR-115, a touring motorcycle used, amongst others, by Rena Humm, as well as the scooters of the HMW KR-101-line, which is popularized abroad by Kiah Findehoof.


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