The Haram Girls' Academy, HGA for short, is one of the Ten OId Academies, a learning institute for girls and young women sponsored by the Ilkhana of Utica. It's campus is the Haram Campus in Utica.


- founded 1018

- 1243: Move to Utica.

- 1685: Old Academy burns down, HGA and TBA are separated

Famous Alumni and Students

Sailor Style Kyrenaian School Uniform

Laila Mithal in the HGA's School Uniform.

The Haram Campus

After-School Activities

The Tribute

As a sign of the gratitude for sponsoring the Academy, the HGA offers the Tribute to the Palace of the Azure Hall, selecting the 15 most beautiful girls from the new arrivals to be trained as handmaidens, entertainers, in self-defense, and a few other things. Usually, the girls are not used in active situations with guests until they are sixteen years of age, at which point they are usually only called in during special situations (like the State Visit of Duchess Marcella of the UIS in Kyrenaia in 2017).

After graduation and Service, the time as a handmaiden is allowable against the Service Time, usually balancing each other out, the girls are offered the chance to make their handmaiden-time their career choice. Quite a few take the Palace up on that offer.

Being part of the Tribute in any function does not hinder the student to be part of another After-School Activity.

Horseman Team

The HGA's Horseman Team is famous within Kyrenaia, not only due to the reputation of the school.

Lineup of the 2019 Season

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