The Harira (Kyrenaian, Kitten) is a Cat-Yawl owned by Princess Aurelia bint-Damir and with its homeport in Motya. She has been a gift of Rusadir Yards, a famous yacht-builder from Kyrenaia, after her father ordered the Aurelia from SDY.

As a yawl, she is only capable of cruises close to shore, but exceeds in those. She makes short day cruises with her and she is regularly carried by the Aurelia for day trips.


The Harira was built to the newest design of small sail boat made by Rusadir Yachts and was used as a present for Princess Aurelia bint-Damir after her father became unfaithful to his favourite yacht yard by ordering from SDY in 2014. She is an advertising gift and was well-received as such.

Her father was surprised by the little boat himself. In 2017, Aurelia and a few friends of hers got taught how to sail by Crown Prince Ilia aboard the Sayarfur. From then on, whenever there was time and will, Aurelia would take her on a spin during tours of the Aurelia.

In 2018, Aurelia used the Harira as her vessel for her trip to The Festival of Holy Light in the UIS. Later that year, she attended the Sinope 2018 Harbour Festival, with Aurelia on the helm and the Sultana taking the salute of the Tall Ship Parade, which made her the smallest vessel in history to carry the Sultana's Flag.

In 2019, the Harira carried Aurelia and Aldhiyb over the ocean again, to the 2019 Festival of Holy Light in the UIS.



  • Length between perpendiculars: 6.1 metres
  • Length at Waterline: 5.8 metres
  • Draft: 30.1 cm
  • Sail Area:
    • Summer Rig: 14.9 m² Main Sail, 5.4 m² Jib, 2.6 m² Mizzen Sail, total of 22.9 m²
    • Winter Rig: 9.8 m² Main Sail, 2.6 m² Mizzen Sail, total of 12.4 m²
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