Grand Vizier Hassan ben Sahid is the current Grand Vizier of the Sultanate of Kyrenaia, as well as one of the closest advisors to the Sultana.

He is also known as a poet.


He did his two years of Service from 1989 to 1991 as the gunner on an Alsuyuf III Main Battle Tank. It was in the garrison town, where he got to know his later wife Basma and fell in love with her. They married in 2000.

In June 2018, he became father of a son named Aaron.

In early 2019, he became Grand Vizier after the abdication of his predecessor, Mahmut al-Zahir. His successor as Minister of Foreign Affairs became Azad Safir.


He is very devoted to his wife and his family, especially since the 3rd of June 2018: His first child, Aaron, was born on that day.

Personal Relations

Prince Damir ibn-Razia and Princess Aurelia bint-Damir

Razia-Sultana Umm Albilad and Grand Vizier Mahmut al-Zahir

Prince Mahmut ibn-Idris

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