The Herzogtum Zieselhaven und Elms is one of the Herzogtümer of Teressien, a territorial subdivision in the Großkleckserl.

Politically, Zieselhaven and Elms is mostly known for its conservatism, which is strong even by Teressian Standards.





The ruler of the Herzogtum is Fiete von Zieselhaven und Elms, although other important figures include Nela, Prinzessin von Zieselhaven und Elms, his younger sister, who is mostly engaged in welfare-topics.

Fiete, meanwhile, is "the man for the Grand Topics of our time", as he himself once put it. He is a staunch conservatist,


The Herzogtum is one of Teressien's most industrialized places, mostly known these days for its aircraft industry. Flugwerft Elms-Sytzerheim is Teressien's oldest manufacturer of flying vehicles and is still in operation. They produce zeppelins and propeller planes (both turboprop and piston engine) for a variety of purposes.

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