Áed the Hunter, with full name Áed, of Fermanagh's Blood, who they call the Hunter, was a High King of the Selkie in the 4th Century. Áed died in 338, aged 33, in the Battle of Maide.

In 340, Áed was one of the first ones to be entered into the Halls of Heroes by Snechta the Singer, then newly-established.



- crowned in 321 and died in 338.

- allowed the formation of Orders in 325

- died in 338 at the Battle of Maide


- attended the Pan-Universal Dinner in 329.


He was also quite aware of Fashion.

Personal Relations

Macha Taise, of Cork Descent

He was deeply in love with Macha, who became the Hunter's First Prey. She was the only one, who was allowed to call him 'Bunny'.

Fintan of the Nocht


Caollaidhe the Handmaiden

Enya, of Claimhteoir

- Áed and the First Swordmaiden

Gwen Beapa of Monaghan's Descent

The nature of the relationship between the High King and the First Lancemaiden has often been discussed, Macha Taise being silent in that regard. It has been speculated, that Áed and the warrior-maiden had an affair, much like the affair between Macha and him, the Spiorad seeing her, to this day, as competition.

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