The Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier is one of the most important vessels of the Sultan's Navy, its main vessel for power projection, showings of flag and force, as well as a cornerstone of sea control in the own territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone.

Starting 2018, the Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier will be supplemented by the Mirfae-class Heavy Aircraft Carrier.


The Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier is a classical monohull-vessel with a displacement of 57,200 tons and a length of 315.2 metres, 

Air Group

Due to the increased size of the KAF-16 Saqr when compared to the smaller KAF-14 Dabur, the Hukm-class Aircraft Carriers can only take 28 Saqr in the standard complement along - compared to 36 Daburs.

Type Standard Sea Control
KAF-16 Saqr 28 32
KAF-139 Baghl-A 4 2
KAF-139 Baghl-B 4 6
KAF-222 Bijea-C 6 4
KAF-222 Bijea-D 6 4
Total 56 48

Service History

The first unit, RKN Hukm, was comissioned in 1980, intended to replace a long-outdated class of carriers.

RKCG Administrative Assistance

From time to time, the Navy is called upon to provide administrative assistance to the Royal Kyrenaian Coast Guard, and even rarer, the Navy deploys a Hukm-class Aircraft Carrier - from time to time, however they do, which was granted twice since 1980:

  • Once in 1999, in the MS Surya-Halim Incident, in which the cruise liner MS Surya-Halim suffered heavy engine damage in a storm and was adrift without power. The RKCG did not see itself able to secure and evacuate the vessel and requested administrative assistance. RKN Nazir, on her own shakedown cruise, provided assistance with evacuations and support to wounded and injured people, while a destroyer of her escort towed the Surya-Halim to safety.
  • In the other time, in 2006, 


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