Ida Ardscoil of the Tribe of Wicklow is a student of the University of Leuda.


Ida was born in 1994 in Geata, where the Grand Sea meets the Silver Bay. Her parents are owners of a small fishing business with nine ships, eight of which are fishing ships. She is the oldest of six children, four of them boys.

She had a relatively quiet childhood, as quiet as it can get with six children, all of them quite lively, being above average in school, but mostly noted for her character, rarely not seen with a smile (except in maths, but she somehow managed). She, as Selkie usually did, learned riding at a very early age, basically being raised in the saddle, but not taking up any of the traditional sports.

With 15 Springs, she was sent by her parents to Traverse to further her education at the Temple School, living with an uncle of hers. She graduated in 2013.

In Traverse, too, she was mostly noted for being lively and her smile and less for her academic capabilities (being above avarage again). It was her character why the headmaster of her school decided in 2011, that she should take a girl in as Guiding Student, that girl being the, at the time, seven year old and traumatised Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth. The envoy of Lodan Lir and the girl, who joined the Servants to Ladra in 2004, quickly got along, became friends, and stayed in contact, even through the thick and thin of Ida beginning her studies of History and Anthropology in Leuda, and Mona beginning with her duties as Envoy.

With 19 Springs, she got to meet THE ONE, a fisherman named Fynn, a year older then she was and a man like only few men were - and she made sure to grab him and his heart. They quickly became boyfriend and girlfriend, inseperatable, an on her 21st birthday, he proposed (having talked about this with her parents and siblings beforehand).

She accepted. A few weeks later, he did not return from open sea, his ship sunk in a vicious spring storm.

Ida broke down and is still broken. She hasn't shed a single tear. She made her Bachelor's in 2017, deciding to study for her Master's Degree.


Normally a quite fun girl, happy as a clam and friendly, always with a small joke on her lips. She was also exciteable about new things.

Until her fiancee stayed at sea.

Now she is silent, brooding with her lot in life and about love, trying to work herself over her loss. She still is intelligent and a hard worker, but now her work seems to those around her less like a thing she did but like an obsession. She is still active and sporty, but this, too, seems more like an obsession nowadays.

Personal Relations

Mona Beag of the Tribe of Louth


Two retconned versions of hers travelled to Camelone, both times during a student exchange.

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