Ida Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan, born as Ida Findehoof, is a trainee with the Ambassadorial Corps of Terresien and a model for Bicíní Industries. After having studied Philosophy at the University of Fortham, she moved back to Teressien for her dream-job, following in her Father's footsteps.

She is the oldest sister of Enya Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan and Kiah Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan, as well as the daughter of the Teressian Ambassador to Fortham.


As the only one of her sisters, Ida was born still in Teressien, before their father was sent to the Free Lands as the Ambassador of Teressien in Fortham. That was in 1994. In 1995, they moved to Fortham, where Ida began to go to school in 2000.

In 2004, she and her sisters took their mother's maiden name and Tribe, out of the convinience and as a bit of masking their identity, thus making them less of a target for people with anti-Teressian sentiments (of which there were enough).

In 2005, Ida took the exams for the Iris Boarding School Complex and passed them with flying colours, joining the school in the same year as a Middle Schooler. During her time, she was part of both the Literature Club, where she came into contact with the works of the Fortham School of Thought and Nolwenn Ceannairceach of the Tribe of Fermanagh, and of the Conservatory Club.

In 2013, she graduated and began to study Philosophy at the University of Fortham, making her Bachelor's Degree in 2017. She attended the 2019 Cuan Spring Festival with her sisters. Later in that year, she attended the 2019 Ball at Schloss Zyng with her sisters. She was part of the Archipelago Shooting of Bicíní Industries in 2019 and of course attended the Aftershow Party.

In July 2020, she attained her Master Degree in Philosophy, her paper being titled Political Philosophy as foundation for Political Doctrines. She applied to join the Teressian Ambassadorial Corps a week later and was called to Hochheyde in order to begin her training there.


Ida Cíochach of the Tribe of Navan

Ida on the beach. Left, her sister Kiah.

Although Ida is a good swimmer and loves to be in the water and at the beach, she is not a sportswoman like Kiah or a water-rat like Enya.

Personal Relations

Kiah Ciohach - Competition Mode

Ida with her sisters Kiah (left, standing) and Enya (right, kneeling). Ida and Kiah wear the UoF's Competition Swimsuits (Home and Away), while Enya wears the 'Fan-Bikini', as it is called. Ida is actually not a part of the team.

Nolwenn Ceannairceach of the Tribe of Fermanagh

Finnya Araon of the Tribe of Fermanagh

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