Ida Feic of the Tribe of Antrim is a representative of the Merchant Guild of Leuda, one of the highest ranking by her station as Representative of the Guild with the Elder Council and the City Council of Fortham. She also trades in information and is the owner of two freighters, Pattern 253 Dry Bulk Carriers, and owner of the Grey Wolf Lapa, who aids her as a therapy dog.


Ida Feic of the Tribe of Antrim was born in Riverwood in 1988 as daughter of a woodcarver and her husband. She attended the Doire Girls' High School from 2004 to 2007.

Involvement of the Merchant Guild of Leuda in the 2017 AHSCA Special Election.


Ida is a very serious person, rarely smiling, and if, then mostly as

Personal Relations


Lapa is Ida's therapy dog, her steadfast companion, which a friend and fellow Grey-Wolf Owner got her after she had a small breakdown - not her first, but, as he assured her, not her last, not with a silent guardian by her side.

He accompanies her to whereever possible, including on trips,

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Celina Cumann of the Tribe of Waterford

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