The Ilkhanate of Megido is one of the Five Ilkhanates, medium in size and power. Capitol and Seat of Government is Megido, more precisely the Palace of the Ruby Hall.

The Ilkhanate is ruled by Dardan, Ilkhan of Megido.





Megido has a sizeable shipbuilding industry, especially in Arambys, Gytta and Sinope, building all sort of vessels for the domestic market. Fisheries is important as well, especially in the Khanate of Siad Samak.

In the Khanate of Ibossim, there is a sizeable oil industry, which mostly serves the  domestic industry. Several off-shore oil platforms stretching out far into the sea provide the raw oil.

The Khanate of Las is one of the most important mining areas in Kyrenaia, where iron, zinc, lead, copper, as well as small quantities of bauxite and uranium. 

One of Kyrenaia's largest freight ports is Sinope Harbour.

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