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The Ilkhanate of Utica is one of the five Ilkhanates of Kyrenaia and one of its mightiest.

The current Sultana, Razia, is the Ilkhana of Utica, responsible for most of its affairs is Prince Damir ibn-Razia, who is usually seen as the most likely successor of his Mother. Seat of Government and Capital is the Palace of the Azure Hall in Utica.




Khanates and important cities

  • Immediate cities
    • Utica.
    • Kathian.
    • Tamesi.
    • Oyat.
    • Motya (Utica).
  • Khanate of Sheliak
    • Ledra.
    • Kouklia.
    • Olbia.
  • Khanate of Tanin
    • Munjam.
    • Karkemish.
  • Khanate of Khond
    • Larsa.
    • Der.
    • Nuzi.
    • Katlimmu.
  • Khanate of Caralis
    • Caralis.
    • Imgurmanat.
    • Tipasa.
    • Nora (Caralis).
    • Malaca.
  • City-Khanates
    • Nora (City-Khanate).
    • Bakhdi.
    • Cirta.
    • Qalat Sherqat.