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The Imperatorwerften Wahlerhaven are the largest builder of military vessels in Auwalt and one of the chief suppliers of the Imperial Navy. Founded in 1874, they were instrumental in building up the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Merchant Navy.

Despite its name, the Imperial Navy owns 20 percent of the shares, the Imperial Merchant Navy another 20 percent. The remaining 60 percent are in the hands of various private investors and shareholders, the Province of Kohlenwald and, 9.5 percent, in the hands of the Imperial Family.


Current Products

Name of shipclass Displacement Type Number built/building Used by the Imperial Navy Cleared for export
Eyckenbaum-class Battleship 70,000 tons Battleship 4 Yes No
Feuerreiter-class Battlecruiser 44,000 tons Battlecruiser 8 total planned Yes Yes
Waldschatten-class Aircraft Carrier 36,500 tons Aircraft Carrier 2 total planned Yes No
Stadt-class Scout Cruiser 5,900 tons Light/Scout Cruiser 16 total planned Yes Yes
Zerstörer 1925 1,500 tons Destroyer 60 total planned Yes Yes
Flottenbegleiter 1928 1,400 tons Destroyer Escort 60 total planned Yes Yes


  • Main branch: Wahlerhaven.

Important Persons