The Imperial Army, usually simply called the Heer or the Army, is the Land Arm of the Imperial Armed Forces and the core of all military capabilities the Imperial Armed Forces have.

With a total manpower of roundabout 450,000 officers and men, plus a Territorialheer of roundabout 250,000 officers and men and around 400,000 reservists, the Imperial Army is a huge force to be reconged with.



Foundation of the Second Empire

The First Paísancho-War (1765 - 1782)

The Second Paísancho-War (1803 - 1850)

The Carmenite Genocide (1855 - 1895)

Under Emperor Siegbald (1899 - today)

Command and Organization

See Main Articles: Structure of the Imperial Army, Regimental Structures of the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Army's Supreme Commander is the Imperator, 

High Command

Highest administrative and commanding authority of the Imperial Army is the High Command,

Special Forces

Imperial Army Aviation

Supporting Arms and Branches

Ongoing Operations


See Main Article: Equipment of the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Army's backbone is the 



The Imperial Army has a variety of uniforms, aside from what is commonly referred to as Battle Dress.

Battle Dress

Service Dress

Mess Uniform

Parade Uniform

In Media

Ranks and Rank Structure

Awards and Decorations

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