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The Intervention in Halfblakistan in 2012 was a first taste of the Selkie in Expeditionary Warfare, supporting the socialist side in a civil war in Halfblakistan. In more recent Selkie-History, the Intervention is especially notable due to the Battle of Marley Bay, where the SDF-Navy and SDF-Army suffered catastrophic losses at the hands of the Vaanderian Navy.

It served as an initial for widespread reforms in the SDF, which were worked out under the leadership of General Finn Nióchan of the Tribe of Cork.

This was an RP hosted by Halfblakistan, the IC being found here, the OOC here.

Halfblakistan and why one needed to intervene

Interest of the Selkie in Halfblakistan

The Fleet sets sail

Battle of Marley Bay

SDF-Forces involved

Conclusions from the battle

One of the conclusions was the Nióchan Army Reforms and the Naval Expansion Programme.